King Size leather backgammon set
Product SL44313
Exterior: black natural leather
Surface: black suede fabric
Points: brick red and cream
Checkers: red and brown
Cups: Svilo leather, black, bottom bumper, bull lip
Dice: Standard
Price: USD 500

leather  backgammon set SL44313
Backgammon equipment.
S50 is the luxury Jumbo size (26") with a 50 mm (2") checker diameter.
S40 is the tournament size (21") with a 40 mm (1.57") checker diameter.
S33 is the home size (18") with 33 mm (1.3") checker diameter.
Svilo leather backgammon sets are designed for luxury, ease of play and heavy duty. Standard leather backgammon set come with leather dice cups.